people binge drink at a bar on st patricks day

The Dangers of Binge Drinking on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is often celebrated with parades, festivals, and other occasions where drinking might occur. If you’re in recovery, you might have concerns about the upcoming holiday. Maybe your friends are planning to throw a party or meet at a bar, and you want to avoid relapse but still want to celebrate. There are…

a group attends addiction treatment therapy

3 Common Addiction Treatment Therapies for Recovery

Overcoming substance abuse is something to be celebrated. While you should be thrilled with your progress, there might still be challenges ahead. Staying in recovery is a lifelong process. Ongoing therapy can help reinforce the lessons you learned in rehab while helping you avoid a relapse. Fresh Start Recovery Center offers various therapies that can…

a man suffers from long term effects of heroin addiction

What Are the Long Term Effects of Heroin Addiction?

The side effects of heroin can have a devastating impact on the human body. It’s not just about the physical damage. Many individuals who abuse heroin end up with mental and emotional fallouts that can last for years. It can seem impossible to pull yourself out of the spiral of heroin addiction. Fresh Start Recovery…

a man has head pain from alcohol addiction

3 Ways Alcohol Addiction Affects the Brain

It’s common to attend a party or sporting event and see people consuming large amounts of alcohol. Many individuals want to let loose and have fun for a few hours, then go back to their everyday lives. However, for some people, excessive drinking doesn’t end once the party is over. Some people find that they…

men engage in heavy drinking during march madness

Can March Madness Lead to Heavy Drinking?

During March Madness, fans all around the country watch their favorite college basketball teams battle to the championship. People often make fun wagers with friends or colleagues about the outcome of the playoffs, and March Madness parties are common. While the NCAA doesn’t allow drinking in the arenas where the games are played, there’s nothing…

bottles of commonly abused prescription drugs

4 Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs can relieve pain and treat the symptoms of illness. However, they sometimes lead to drug abuse. Many of our clients at Fresh Start Recovery Center in Maryland struggle with prescription addition with benzodiazepines, opioids, barbiturates, and stimulants, even if they’ve been prescribed these medications by a doctor. It’s important to understand how these…

woman struggles with pain killer addiction

Do I Have a Painkiller Addiction?

If your doctor prescribed prescription painkillers following surgery or for chronic pain, you might have found yourself becoming addicted to them after long-term use. Painkiller addiction often leads to an obsession with finding more of the medication, even if you no longer have a prescription. Learn more about the signs of painkiller addiction and reach…

women discussing gender specific treatment

Does Gender-Specific Treatment Make a Difference?

At Fresh Start Recovery Center, we understand that gender-specific treatment gives men and women a chance to build a safe space during rehab. Our women’s program lets female clients discuss intimate details such as childhood abuse, childcare, and other sensitive topics. Our men’s program focuses on breaking down barriers so male clients can get the…

couple with child in family therapy program

3 Signs Your Loved Ones Need Family Therapy

When your children are happy, you have a sense of well-being and a job well done. However, it’s easy to internalize problems that your children face. Blaming yourself doesn’t help your child deal with all the pressure they are under to succeed and perform. You can actually make it worse by hovering over them and…