family embracing national recovery month

How to Embrace National Recovery Month

September is National Recovery Month, making this an opportune time to take stock of your situation and consider if your habits have become substance abuse disorders. We are too often blindsided by habit formation. Our ability to quickly form new habits can be positive but can also get us in serious trouble. It’s possible to…

woman hiking on a sober Labor Day

How to Enjoy a Sober Labor Day

Each time we approach a drinking holiday, it’s important to have a relapse prevention plan in mind. Gatherings and events surrounding Labor Day often involve drinking but certainly do not have to. It’s a good idea to plan sober activities in advance so you have an excuse to turn down invites to high-risk situations that…

doctor prepping client for treatment programs

Common Addiction Treatment Programs for Substance Abuse

Today, there are many options when it comes to selecting a substance abuse treatment program. The variety of options can sometimes feel overwhelming and confusing. Maryland addiction treatment programs like Fresh Start Recovery Center, which ranks among the top-rated recovery centers in the country, can help change lives. Fresh Start is committed to providing the…

doctor and patient discussing drug abuse programs

How to Choose Your Drug Abuse Programs

A drug addiction treatment program is not a quick fix. The insights you gain and the changes you make during treatment will become the foundation for your recovery throughout the challenges of sober living. Fresh Start Recovery Center offers a wide range of treatment programs for those struggling with drug addiction. Reach out to us…

two individuals discussing inpatient alcohol rehab

Can an Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Program Help My Loved One?

Alcoholism is prevalent in the United States and affects millions of Americans. You may have heard of the concept of a “functional alcoholic,” but if you’re getting through the day, you are simply surviving and not thriving. An alcohol addiction treatment program may be able to help you or your loved one take their life…

group of friends looking for rehab for women for addiction treatment

3 Reasons to Seek Out a Rehab for Women

Women and men have different needs when it comes to recovery from addiction. Gender-specific rehab programs can prioritize personal needs based on biological differences. Fresh Start Recovery Center offers a women’s rehab center program that personalizes treatment plans based on gender-specific needs. Our women’s rehab center program is a safe space for women to discuss…

group beginning treatment at trauma treatment centers

The Importance of Trauma Treatment Centers for Recovery

Trauma-focused therapy programs play a crucial role in helping clients heal from mental health and substance abuse disorders. Trauma can result from a wide range of situations. Some experience trauma as a child as a result of neglect or abuse. Others face trauma because of sexual abuse or domestic violence. Often, individuals face co-occurring disorders…

example of drugs being abused that require prescription drug rehab

Common Drugs That Need Prescription Drug Rehab for Recovery

Many prescription drugs are highly addictive. Sadly, too often, people become addicted to these medications through no fault of their own. In some cases, an individual begins taking an opioid like oxycodone or codeine after having their wisdom teeth removed. Because these medications are so potent, it’s possible withdrawal symptoms and cravings can cause a…

group beginning an outpatient alcohol rehab program

3 Benefits of an Outpatient Alcohol Rehab for Recovery

An intensive outpatient program (IOP) is often part of long-term treatment plans. Outpatient treatment (OT) options are a terrific way for clients to find and maintain support when it would be challenging to step back from personal family and work obligations. Fresh Start Recovery Center’s alcohol addiction treatment program is an excellent option for clients…