woman in dark on bed dealing with alcohol withdrawal symptoms

The Different Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

When someone is dealing with a drinking problem, and they decide to stop this dangerous pattern, they will face obstacles that will hamper their road to recovery. The most serious of all are alcohol withdrawal symptoms. These painful symptoms will come up during the detox process. However, an alcohol addiction treatment program is the best…

woman leaning head against liquor bottle experiencing alcohol dependence

Everything You Need to Know About Alcohol Dependence

Drinking beer, wine, or your favorite spirit is a way to celebrate, socialize, and unwind. However, drinking too much as a way to deal with heavy emotions has a lot of negative consequences, including alcohol dependence. Alcohol dependence is a dangerous condition that can make way for negative behaviors and characteristics. This occurs when the…

man talking with therapist about signs of addiction

7 Signs of Addiction You Need to Watch Out For

Alcohol and drug addiction affect many people globally. But it can be challenging to identify signs of addiction in your loved ones. The manifestations brought about by addiction are not just limited to physical signs, but also psychological and behavioral changes as well. Thankfully, concerned friends and family can educate themselves on the easily identifiable…

woman drinking in bed alone showing signs of alcoholism

Know the Warning Signs of Alcoholism

Surely, you’ve heard of ‘alcoholism’ before. Now it is most commonly known as ‘alcohol abuse disorder,’ which describes people who frequently drink too much alcohol. But how can you tell that someone is an alcoholic? Therefore, it is crucial to learn the warning signs of alcoholism. Fortunately, Fresh Start Recovery Center offers the mental health…

man with glass of liquor holding his head as high functioning alcoholic

Are You a High-Functioning Alcoholic? Know the Signs

Contrary to what you might think, alcoholics, don’t always look worse for wear. Some of them look normal on the surface. They keep their addiction a secret and believe they have it under control. These people are examples of high-functioning alcoholics. At Fresh Start Recovery Center, individuals struggling with alcohol use disorder can find alcohol…

woman with wine glass wondering am I an alcoholic

Am I an Alcoholic? Here’s How to Find Out

You don’t look like an alcoholic. You haven’t gotten a DUI or stolen money just to buy alcohol. But still, you are worried. You can’t help asking yourself, “Am I an alcoholic?” Alcoholism comes in many forms, and some of them aren’t what you might consider typical. Fresh Start Recovery Center can provide you with answers…

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Outreach, Alumni, and Connection: Matt Paris’s Story

Matt Paris is the Regional Community Outreach Specialist at Fresh Start Recovery Center in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Paris is uniquely qualified to share the message from Fresh Start because he, too, has been in treatment for a Substance Use Disorder. Today he has more than seven years clean. Born and raised in Montgomery County, Maryland, Paris…

man standing by older painting

Cultivating a Space for Long-Term Recovery: Joe Hindman’s Story

Joe Hindman–the Director of Outreach for Fresh Start Recovery Center in Gaithersburg, Maryland–has been sober more than 11 years. Considering he is only 31 years old, Joe’s story is not very different from that of many adolescents, teens and young adults in this country. A growing number of people in that age group habitually use…

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Should Treatment for Alcoholism be More Personalized?

One of the defining characteristics of alcohol use disorder (AUD), commonly referred to alcoholism, is having an often-insatiable urge to consume alcohol despite the negative consequences being intoxicated causes. Persistent cravings to drink are one of the single largest barriers standing between active drinking and recovery from AUD.   Acamprosate, sold commercially as Campral in pharmaceutical markets outside of the…