a woman with her face in her hand wondering what is fentanyl

What Is Fentanyl?

In this past year, there have been nearly 100,000 drug overdoses. Opioids account for some of these overdoses, and this is largely due to the introduction of fentanyl and other potent synthetic drugs into the drug marketplace. Modern synthetic opiates like fentanyl are fifty to one-hundred times more powerful than heroin. A small amount of…

a group of people talking about how to quit drinking

Tips to Quit Drinking

If you have noticed that social drinking or having the occasional drink has transitioned into regular or daily drinking, you may have developed an alcohol use disorder (AUD). There are numerous health consequences to AUD and alcoholism. If you have developed a drinking problem, there is no time to quit drinking like the present. Our…

a woman thinking about when she took a pill and the signs of opioid abuse

Signs of Opioid Abuse

Opioid abuse and addiction are destructive forces in the life of the person who is abusing opioids as well as their family, friends, and colleagues. Opioid abuse affects everyone in a person’s life. They are not only addictive, but they are disruptive to a person’s ability to fulfill basic everyday obligations, including work and personal…

a sad woman on a couch thinking about the common myths about addiction

Common Myths About Addiction

There are many common myths about addiction and dependence regarding substance abuse disorders (SUDs). It’s important to debunk these myths so people do not have false impressions of what real-life addiction can look like. Another problem with myths about addiction is that they promote falsehoods that may lead people to believe drugs or alcohol are…

a woman sitting on a couch with her head in her hands thinking about physical dependence on drugs and alcohol

What Is Physical Dependence?

There are many ways in which a person can become dependent on drugs and alcohol. It’s important to understand that addiction comes in many forms and that forming a dependence is an early sign that a person is forming an addiction. Physical dependence and psychological dependence are two indicators that a habit has formed. Physical…

a woman in recovery with family support

Family Support in Recovery

Drugs and alcohol do more than damaging the person who abuses substances and develops an addiction. Relationships with family, friends, acquaintances, and colleagues are often damaged by the cycle of abuse. Depending on a client’s life circumstances, learning how to repair these relationships can be an integral part of rehab. At Fresh Start Recovery Center,…

a woman on a couch thinking about meth and mental health

How Meth Impacts Mental Health

Addiction to methamphetamine, also known as meth, is particularly alarming for numerous reasons. For one, it’s a highly destructive and addictive drug that destroys a person’s physical and mental health. Another issue is that, unlike opiates, there are no life-saving measures like naloxone to use as a medical intervention in case of overdose. This means…

a woman looking out a window thinking about the signs of morphine abuse

Signs of Morphine Abuse

Signs that someone is abusing morphine will be relatively similar to signs that they are using similar drugs like heroin, fentanyl, or prescription opiate painkillers. Opioids are either codeine-based or morphine-based. Morphine is an analgesic that has long been prescribed for pain management. In recent times, the opioid epidemic has shined a light on the…

a woman talking to a group of white and black Americans about addiction among minorities

Addiction Among Minorities and a Scholarship to Receive Treatment

Society continues to find more and more ways that the path towards equality has continued to be unequal for Americans. Black Americans are historically treated unfairly by police and the American justice system. Black Americans spend an alarmingly disproportionate time in jail or prison for equivalent offenses to White Americans. Black Americans are not given…