couple discussing addiction recovery

How to Set Boundaries in Addiction Recovery

Healthy boundaries are very often lost during periods of prolonged drug or alcohol abuse, but it is necessary to re-establish them during addiction recovery. Setting and protecting your boundaries means being clear about what or who is acceptable in your life and what or who is not. Setting limits can include physical limits, such as…

man struggling with alcoholism due to stress

3 Ways Stress Leads to Alcoholism

The link between stress and alcohol is real. In fact, acute stress has been found to come before drinking alcohol. Some individuals find themselves reaching for a drink in times of stress, which can be a precursor to abusing alcohol. If you’re concerned about the way stress has impacted your drinking habits, reach out to…

individual struggling with addiction during the pandemic

How Isolation During the Pandemic Can Impact Addiction

Addiction issues can be complex and, for someone who struggles with substance use disorder, different events can trigger substance use disorder or lead to a relapse. Isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic has affected people in many different ways – fear of infection, financial concerns, or worries with uncertainty about the future. Being homebound for many…

woman considers whether or not alcohol is a drug

Is Alcohol a Drug?

Is alcohol a drug? Alcohol is classified as a depressant that slows function in the brain and central nervous system. When you drink alcohol, you may experience disturbed perceptions, unsteady movement, and slurred speech. Your brain and body are unable to react quickly in any situation. Alcohol also inhibits your ability to think rationally and…

woman is told the difference between CBT and DBT addiction therapies

The Differences Between CBT and DBT for Treatment

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) are classified as psychotherapy, a form of talk therapy that treatment specialists use to help clients with behavioral problems and mental health issues. Addiction treatment centers utilize both forms of therapy as a part of a more comprehensive treatment program. Although there are some similarities between CBT…

woman learn about the biggest things to look for in outpatient rehab center

3 Things to Look for in an Outpatient Rehab Center

If you can manage your addiction throughout the day but still need professional help to maintain your recovery, an outpatient rehab center may be a good option. Outpatient rehab offers counseling and other programs that allow you to commit to your recovery without disrupting other areas of your life. You do not have to neglect…

woman considers the difference between drug dependence and drug addiction

What is the Difference Between Drug Dependence and Drug Addiction?

There is a fine line between drug dependence and drug addiction. However, understanding where the line is and what differentiates each can help you get the right treatment for your condition. Addiction treatment centers in Maryland offer recovery programs designed to help you regardless of whether you have a drug addiction or dependency. Keep in…

man checks in to his partial hospitalization center

What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is a structured addiction treatment plan that offers therapy, support groups, and other programs throughout the day. Still, it allows the patients to return home at night. Addiction treatment centers may provide transportation, meals, and other services. However, the focus is on providing a full program that keeps you focused…