girl in need of a cognitive behavioral therapy program

All About Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

A cognitive-behavioral therapy program, also known as CBT is one of the most common treatment approaches for addiction. It helps individuals recognize negative thoughts that may lead to destructive emotions or behavior. The main goal of CBT is to help individuals improve their behavior and emotions. This is done by overcoming negative thought patterns. Cognitive-behavioral…

group experiencing how world events can impact addiction

How World Events Can Impact Addiction

World events have far-reaching consequences since they affect all aspects of our lives, from our economic well-being to our very own health. A good example is the Covid-19 pandemic, which has already caused untold suffering. World events have the potential to push someone into addictive tendencies. They can also worsen our addictions if we were…

man drinking and unsure if hes struggling with alcohol dependence or alcohol addiction

Differences Between Alcohol Dependence and Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol dependence and alcohol addiction are often used interchangeably. But the two concepts are not the same. In certain cases, an individual may suffer from alcohol addiction without being physically dependent on alcohol. When this happens, it becomes difficult to know when to get help. One of the most effective ways to get help is…

bottles of commonly abused prescription drugs

Top Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs

People require a prescription to legally acquire prescription drugs. This is because prescription medications can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, these drugs help people deal with intense or chronic pains and help them cope after undergoing major surgery. But on the other hand, using these drugs over a prolonged period can lead to…

woman exercising after learning the difference levels of addiction treatment programs

Understanding the Different Levels of Addiction Treatment

Many people often do not know where to begin when seeking addiction treatment because there are different levels of addiction programs. These levels vary based on the different types of services provided. The initial levels of addiction treatment are very intensive. This is often because the patient may be experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Addiction is a…

woman taking a walk for Recovery Month

What Is the Purpose of National Recovery Month?

The purpose of National Recovery Month is to create more awareness about addiction recovery and to celebrate those in recovery from mental health issues and substance use disorders. During the month of September, addiction treatment centers in Maryland often schedule events as a way of garnering public support for addiction treatment and recovery. The event…