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A trauma therapy program is crucial to aid in the healing journey of those struggling with mental health and substance use disorders. Trauma can strike anyone when at any time. Whether it’s through childhood neglect or abuse, sexual abuse, or domestic violence. These situations can leave lasting damage to a person. Natural disasters and the loss of a loved one are other situations that can lead to trauma. Even those individuals who have seen others suffer trauma are impacted by it. When this occurs, a trauma therapy program like that offered by Fresh Start Recovery can bring a resolution for those suffering.

therapist with patient in trauma therapy programOrigins of Trauma

Trauma originates from any type of activity that brings distress and fear to an individual. In fact, during a traumatic incident, the brain’s “fight or flight” response is activated. In situations when a person cannot get away from the trauma, they may disassociate. Disassociation is the brain’s way of protecting you from the terror or pain of the situation so you can bear it at the moment. However, the body still stores all of what occurs during the trauma and may relive it later. This is how post-traumatic stress disorder occurs.
If you’ve endured any type of trauma, then you’ll likely have an emotional struggle in life. Maybe you don’t understand why. You feel triggered to depression or anxiety over seemingly “nothing.” Things don’t make sense, but you know that you are not coping well with the stressors of life.

When people have dealt with trauma in their past, they may turn to self-medicating to numb their emotions. They may use street drugs, prescription medication, or alcohol to dull the pain they’re experiencing. Consequently, they develop a substance use disorder requiring substance abuse treatment. The only way to find healing is through a trauma therapy program.

Trauma Therapy Program

At a trauma therapy program in MD, you will get to the root of your unresolved trauma. Trained professionals work with different therapy modules to help you face the unresolved emotions in your life. Various therapy techniques bring healing as you move forward in life. Some of these therapies include:

  • Behavior therapy program: During behavior therapy, you will find help to face the past and overcome fears. This is accomplished through discussion and supervised exposure to fear. Sessions go slowly, allowing you to become acclimated to the idea of the fear. Therefore, you don’t get too anxious at the start.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT): This therapy helps you take control of negative thinking that may be hindering you from positive emotions and behaviors. If negative thinking rules, then you may be more prone to making the wrong choices. Through therapy, you can learn how to change old patterns of thinking.
  • Group therapy program: Group therapy will bring you together with others who are struggling with problems too. People will discuss what they’re going through with one another and receive feedback that will help them grow.

Although trauma is a difficult situation to overcome, healing is possible with the aid of a trauma therapy program in MD.

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