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It’s not uncommon for doctors to prescribe pharmaceutical drugs to their patients. Unfortunately, there are patients that become dependent and require addiction treatment to heal. Around 52 million Americans older than 12 years old have used drugs non-medically. The addiction process happens slowly, with most people not noticing when they shift from recreational use to intense abuse. But a prescription drug addiction treatment program is designed to help people struggling with the challenges associated with becoming addicted to prescription drugs.

therapist taking notes from patient in prescription drug addiction treatment programWhat Is Prescription Drug Addiction?

Before we look at a typical prescription drug addiction treatment program, understanding this condition is crucial. Many deaths caused by drug overdose can be attributed to prescription drug abuse, which is a rising epidemic around the world.
Prescription drugs usually contain addictive substances. These drugs are very powerful, so it’s possible for people to get hooked on these drugs. The addiction can become psychological, physical, or both. While there are various drugs that people abuse, stimulants, central nervous system depressants, and opioids are the most common culprits. For example, hydrocodone and oxycodone, two types of opioids, cause a significant number of deaths every year due to overdose.

About Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Program

An effective substance abuse treatment program in MD must take into account the kind of drug used and the needs of the individual. This type of treatment features different steps that often include:

  • Detoxification
  • Medication
  • Counseling
  • Assessment

Common programs feature two distinct types of treatment. The first type is behavioral treatments. This stage aids the patient to stop drug abuse by altering their unhealthy thinking patterns, as well as their destructive behavior. This treatment also teaches individuals key strategies to manage their cravings and avoid situations that can lead to relapse, or in other cases, provide abstinence incentives.

Behavioral treatments usually take the form of group, family, or individual counseling. This process is helpful in determining the factors that have led to drug abuse, such as relationship problems or mental health conditions. It also seeks to improve the personal relationships of drug abusers, as well as their ability to maintain a healthy work function.

The second category of an effective prescription drug addiction treatment program in MD is medication. Addiction to some prescription substances can be treated with medications which include:

  • Methadone
  • Naltrexone
  • Buprenorphine
  • Clonidine

These drugs can help prevent opioids from affecting the brain or relieve intense cravings and withdrawal symptoms. This way, the patient can be more successful in preventing relapse. Medication for a prescription drug addiction treatment program is administered with the combination of behavioral treatments assisted by professionals.

How Detox Can Help

Detoxification is the process of limiting and eliminating prescription drug use and removing it from the body.  People who need assistance in this process usually experience similar symptoms from those who are detoxifying from illegal substances such as cocaine, heroin, and even crack. If the body gets used to consuming a single substance, withdrawal symptoms will present itself once the individual stops consuming it.

This is the major reason why a prescription drug addiction treatment program is beneficial. People who have become addicted to prescription drugs need psychological and medical support from caring and knowledgeable substance abuse professionals to escape from their dangerous tendencies.

Doctors who take part in the healing process try to identify the possible causes of addiction which includes the psychological issues of the patient. This way, their likelihood of overcoming addictions will dramatically increase.

Do Not Be Afraid to Seek Help

A prescription drug addiction treatment program works best depending on the type of drug a person is addicted to, and their level of addiction. If you are looking for a reputable program for a friend, a family member, or yourself, help is available. Contact Fresh Start Recovery Center today at 833.625.0398.