The Freedom to Begin Again

In your journey to recovery, the first step is to acknowledge your opioid dependence. The next step is to find an opiate addiction treatment program that can help restore your health and well-being.

You have many options available for an opiate addiction treatment program in Maryland. Your treatment depends on various factors, including the severity of your condition. Whichever substance abuse program you choose, your recovery is based on how much you put into it.

group of people in therapy at opiate addiction treatment programOpiate Addiction Treatment Program Options Available

Your treatment is likely different from others because you have unique needs and circumstances. The good thing about an opiate addiction treatment program is it can be customized to best suit your needs.

The most effective types of opiate addiction treatment options include:

  • Intensive outpatient program – This treatment program helps address all aspects of addiction. Individuals get a condensed version of treatment to fit their particular schedule so they can also meet family and work obligations.
  • Outpatient rehab – Another comprehensive treatment for addiction, it allows clients to return home daily. During the recovery process, clients still experience the same individual and group therapies offered in other programs. Often, this treatment option is better suited for people with a mild addiction or for those who have relapsed and need a structured means of getting back on the path to recovery.
  • Community housing – Those who live in sober living homes slowly transition to normal life. It is an excellent option if you still need a bit of time to reinforce what you learned in rehab. As part of your opiate addiction treatment program, this option helps strengthen the new healthy habits you acquired.

Services Provided by Recovery Centers

Our opiate addiction treatment program in Maryland addresses all aspects of treating patients. Recovery centers provide services that tackle the physical, emotional, and social effects of addiction. They also provide:

  • Medical care – The medical aspects of treatment include medication-assisted detoxification. Ridding your body of the toxins of opioid abuse will have some side effects. You experience withdrawal symptoms that the medical care team will help you manage for effective recovery.
  • Behavioral support – Among the effects of addiction includes changes in your behavior, such as losing touch with your loved ones. During treatment, you also undergo some counseling and therapy to address these behavioral changes. The goal is to restrain the bad habits you developed and help you learn new and healthier coping strategies.
  • Social service – In most cases, an opiate addiction treatment program lasts a lifetime because your struggle with addiction persists. The possibility of relapse is always there, which is why part of the services offered by treatment centers is social service. They can help you with developing crucial skills to live a quality life.

Why You Should Get Help from an Opiate Rehab Center

Getting help from an opiate rehab center helps put you on a stable path to recovery. Through their services and programs, you can take advantage of benefits such as:

  • Focus on health and nutrition
  • Healthy coping skills so you won’t depend on opioids
  • Reconnect with the loved ones you lost contact with because of opioid abuse
  • Helping you have a stable life at home, school, and work

The right opioid rehab center can provide you with assistance to get your life back.

Fresh Start Recovery Center’s Opiate Addiction Treatment Program

Fresh Start Recovery Center is a rehab center that provides opiate addiction treatment to help you begin the road to recovery with a strong foundation. By providing you with comprehensive treatment in a caring environment, our team will help you take all the essential steps to recovery.

To know more about our opiate addiction treatment program, contact Fresh Start Recovery Center at 833.625.0398 to schedule an appointment.