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man smiling at Men’s Rehab CentersAddiction treatment cannot be one-size-fits-all. Every individual’s experiences with substance abuse are different, and their treatment plans should be unique as well. That’s why at Fresh Start Recovery Center, we offer separate men’s and women’s rehab programs. Research points to the effectiveness of gender-specific treatment for addiction. One reason why this kind of treatment works is because it promotes more effective peer support. Men are often taught to hide emotions and suppress vulnerability. In a men’s only group, we find that men are more likely to open up to each other, leading to productive discussions about substance abuse and addiction. Much of addiction treatment utilizes group therapy and peer support, so making the most of this time is especially important.

In our men’s rehab program in MD, we provide personalized treatment plans for every individual in our care. If you or your loved one is ready to take the next step in overcoming addiction, reach out to us and learn more about how a men’s rehab center can help you.

Why Should You Choose a Men’s Rehab Center?

Men and women have different needs, and that extends to their needs in recovery from substance abuse and mental health disorders. The way that society views men can hinder recovery. Men are taught to avoid being perceived as weak or needy—but reaching out for help is actually an act of courage. In a gender-specific men’s rehab center, you’ll find the space to open up about your experiences and struggles.

It might take men more time to open up, as well. This is not a weakness, but just another factor in what makes a men’s rehab program different from a women’s program. Men might struggle with anger issues or past traumas that women are less likely to have experienced. Through group therapy with other men who have experienced similar issues, individuals in a men’s rehab program can begin to open up and heal. 

At Fresh Start Recovery Center, we offer a men’s rehab program designed to help you achieve lasting sobriety and rebuild your life.

Our Men’s Rehab Center

At our men’s rehab center in MD, we understand the complexities of recovery. A medically-managed recovery treatment program can help you safely recover from the harmful effects of substance abuse. Once you’ve decided to seek help, contact Fresh Start Recovery Center for the next steps. Our addiction treatment specialists will work to create a personalized treatment plan. Some of the benefits of our men’s rehab center include:

  • Men-only group therapy – Gender-specific therapy groups can encourage open communication
  • Specialized treatment – While at a men’s rehab center, you can focus on the physical and emotional aspects of addiction that men struggle with most
  • Increased comfort – With no women present, men can feel freer to express vulnerability and other emotions
  • A more extensive, more effective support network – Your peers will be other men in recovery who can support you during your time in treatment and beyond

These are just a few of the benefits of treatment at Fresh Start. If you or your loved one is struggling with substance abuse or a mental health disorder, you can find hope by contacting us today.

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At Fresh Start Recovery Center, our men’s rehab center is just one of many addiction treatment programs we offer. In addition, we offer the following programs and treatments:

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