The Freedom to Begin Again

Recovery is a lifelong process. At Fresh Start Recovery Center, we know that there is no easy cure for addiction or mental health disorders. While the initial steps of admitting that you have a problem and seeking out help are important, recovery doesn’t end there. Instead, most individuals in recovery find that they need consistent support and encouragement throughout their lives. This is why the support you’ll find from peers at Fresh Start can be life-changing. In our alumni program, you’ll have the opportunity to continue to connect with others for support and accountability.

Once you leave Fresh Start, you still have our support. To avoid relapse in the future, you should have a strong network of support. While some people find support from a 12-step program or addiction treatment programs, those you meet at Fresh Start will also be there to encourage you through our alumni program. We take our roles in helping others achieve and maintain their sobriety seriously. This is why we’ve built an extensive alumni program in Maryland and throughout the country.

woman smiling using laptop in Alumni ProgramThe Benefits of an Alumni Program

Why is an alumni program such an important part of lasting, meaningful recovery? Although you might have support from loved ones, if they have not experienced substance abuse and the challenges of working towards recovery, they might not understand what you are going through. However, others who have walked a similar path as you can uniquely identify with your struggles and support you in difficult times.

As a member of an alumni program, you will also be the support others may need. While you work on your recovery, you can help others when they reach out. By listening, understanding, and supporting the people who need you most, you’ll even be helping your sobriety. This is one of the main reasons we established our alumni programs: to help you create connections with others.

What to Expect From Our Alumni Program

During your time in treatment at Fresh Start, you’ll learn habits and healthy coping skills for lifelong recovery. And as a member of our alumni program, you’ll be able to both give and receive support from your peers. Some of what you can expect from our alumni program includes the following:

  • Access to a database of alumni, including contact information for the participants in the program that you can use to reach out for help
  • Regular telephone and email contact from our experienced team at Fresh Start Recovery Center
  • Information for your recovery, including educational materials from Fresh Start
  • Invitations to social events organized by the alumni program or Fresh Start
  • The opportunity to share your experiences in recovery with others

Now that you’ve committed to your sobriety, you can help others commit to their recovery too.

Reach out to Fresh Start for More About Our Alumni Program

At Fresh Start Recovery Center, we strive to be a leader and a resource in our community. We work with several other treatment centers, non-profits, hospitals, and foundations to have the most impact in our fight against substance abuse.

We are also committed to being a resource for every individual who has come through our care, as well as their families and loved ones. Our alumni board holds events regularly, to help us build a community around those who are living in recovery, building, and strengthening the connections among us.

Our alumni are real people living recovery every day. We want to share with every individual the fulfillment and peace we have found, and be a resource long after you have left our care. Joining our alumni program in MD grants you access to a network of support at the times you need it most and the opportunity to help others. Just because your treatment at Fresh Start has ended doesn’t mean your journey in recovery has. Contact us today for more about our alumni program by calling 833.625.0398.

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