The Freedom to Begin Again

Once you complete rehab, you may not be ready to re-enter your daily life immediately. The stress of work, school, or home may cause you to relapse back into your addiction. Fresh Start Recovery Center offers addiction treatments and an aftercare program in Maryland designed to help you transition back into normal life at your own pace.

Our aftercare services include an alumni program, ongoing behavioral therapy, support groups, recovery resources, and sober living houses. You can build a support network that creates accountability, fosters personal growth, and helps you stay on track with your recovery goals. Contact us today to find out more about the benefits of aftercare.

How Aftercare Can Help You Maintain Your Progress

40 to 60 percent of all clients that complete substance abuse treatment programs end up relapsing. Part of the reason for this is that they do not have a proper support system in place when they go back home. If you are committed to a sustainable recovery, signing up for an aftercare program can help you meet your goal.

Aftercare services offer the education and support you need to overcome cravings, temptations, or just bad days where you feel emotionally weak. It is the ultimate safety net you need when you do not have the willpower to keep going. Fresh Start Recovery Center does more than treat your immediate addiction—our aftercare program sets you up for success down the road.

Aftercare Services We Offer in Maryland

group participating in an aftercare program

Extended care is a core part of our addiction treatment center in Maryland. Our aftercare services include:

  • Sober living houses
  • Alumni programs
  • 12-step programs
  • Ongoing therapy
  • Support groups

You can choose as many of these programs as you need. Your treatment specialist can meet with you after rehab to assess your situation, your home environment, your triggers, and any other factors that could lead to a relapse. From there, you can work together to develop an aftercare strategy that works for you.

Developing a Relapse Prevention Plan

Once you complete rehab, you may feel that you have changed but everything around you has stayed the same. A relapse prevention plan helps you to navigate through the same challenges that caused you to turn to drugs or alcohol in the first place. The right program will address key issues such as:

  • Staying emotionally and physically healthy
  • Reconnecting with friends, family, and coworkers
  • Getting connected with a local support group
  • Strategies for overcoming your triggers
  • Managing the anxiety and stress you may feel after rehab
  • Surrounding yourself with positive people

You can also decide if you want to continue one-on-one counseling with your behavioral therapist. We develop the right relapse prevention plan that works with your lifestyle and your current needs.

Our Alumni Program

Regardless of how supportive your family and friends are in your recovery, they will never fully understand the struggles that you go through daily to stay clean. You are more likely to get real answers, healthy support, and greater accountability from those who have demonstrated long-term, consistent recovery.

As a member of an established alumni program, you can get valuable support from your peers while helping others currently struggling with addiction. By listening, supporting, and understanding others, you will find the inner strength you need to get through each day successfully.

Learn More About Aftercare Services at Fresh Start Recovery Center

Don’t let addiction destroy your life. Let us help you overcome substance abuse. Fresh Start Recovery Center offers an array of addiction treatment therapies for all types of addiction. Contact Fresh Start Recovery Center at 833.625.0398 to learn more about your treatment options, including aftercare. We can help you get on the road to recovery today.