man showing signs of needing drug abuse treatment

4 Signs You Need Drug Abuse Treatment

There are many signs a person is struggling with drug addiction and requires treatment. Early intervention is ideal, but recovery is always possible even if a person has a moderate or severe substance abuse disorder. If you or your loved one has been struggling with addiction and has been unable to quit on their own,…

client and therapist discussing cocaine rehab

Is Cocaine Rehab Still Necessary?

There is a false belief that cocaine is more difficult to treat than other substance use disorders. This may have to do with an individual’s perceived functionality in everyday life or the situation in which cocaine is often abused. Stimulant use disorders, including cocaine, are treatable, and those with an addiction can benefit from personalized…

couple discussing signs of opioid use

5 Common Signs of Opioid Use

The opioid epidemic has ravaged individuals and families across our society. If you have not personally had a family member who has faced problems with opioid addiction, it’s sadly likely that a friend of yours has. Opioids are potent and addictive substances. Since the opioid epidemic is now well-known, doctors and patients are better informed.…

man learning about heroin addiction treatment

How Heroin Addiction Treatment Helps Fight the Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic has become a well-known national problem. It makes news headlines on a daily basis. We, as a society, had begun to make progress, and, sadly, the pandemic made us take a giant step in the wrong direction. If you or someone you love is struggling with an opioid use disorder, we encourage…

group therapy during an intensive outpatient treatment program

Do I Need an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program?

It can be a challenge to determine the treatment program that’s right for you. One aspect of this involves the level of care that suits your present situation. The level of addiction, from mild to moderate to severe, plays a role in this decision. Many clients who choose Fresh Start Recovery Center in Maryland begin…

therapist and client discussing opiate treatment

4 Benefits of an Opiate Treatment Program

The opioid epidemic has become even more of a problem as a result of the pandemic. If you or someone you love is struggling with an opiate addiction, our medical experts at Fresh Start Recovery Center encourage you to reach out today. Fresh Start offers an opioid addiction treatment program that can help you find…

woman practicing yoga during minority mental health awareness month

The Importance of Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

Minority Mental Health Month is a nationwide effort developed to call much-needed attention to the mental health issues faced by communities that experience disproportionate inequality as a result of systemic barriers and historical adversity. Medical professionals at Fresh Start Recovery Center in Maryland have a deep understanding of the stigma surrounding mental illness in minority…

doctor and client discussing addiction recovery centers

How to Choose from Addiction Recovery Centers for Your Loved One

Family members play a pivotal role in helping loved ones seek the addiction recovery they need. It’s often difficult for a person struggling with addiction to accept their circumstances or just how problematic their habit has become. Family intervention, especially when early intervention is possible, can provide life-changing help for a loved one who has…

family enjoying a safe 4th of july

Staying Safe and Sober This 4th of July

Drinking holidays are an especially challenging time for those in recovery. You are often encouraged to place yourself in situations full of temptations for alcohol abuse. It’s important to be mindful about attending parties and other events that may have the potential to trigger a relapse. Fresh Start Recovery Center’s alcohol addiction treatment program teaches…