woman wonders the difference between dependence and abuse in pills

The Differences Between Dependence, Abuse, and Addiction to Prescription Drugs

It is somewhat common for people to use terms like drug addiction and drug abuse interchangeably. Even drug dependence, which describes a very specific condition, is not always understood. It’s important for those using prescription drugs to know these differences, especially if your habits for using those medications have changed. At Fresh Start Recovery Center,…

woman deals with polysubstance abuse

Do I Struggle with Polysubstance Abuse?

Polysubstance abuse might be an unfamiliar term, but millions of people struggle with this condition. Polysubstance abuse is the use of more than one substance at a time. Some people abuse multiple drugs or combine them with alcohol. This can include the use of multiple illicit drugs or the use of prescription drugs used for…

a relapse prevention plan is outlined in a notebook

3 Things to Include in a Relapse Prevention Plan

The potential of having a relapse is always present in the lives of individuals in recovery. It can happen to people who have been sober for years. Having a relapse prevention plan to fall back on can help you deal with that possibility. The presence of a relapse plan should be seen as a sign…

a woman is told about the benefits of a womens rehab center

4 Benefits of a Women’s Rehab Center for Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction takes a toll on every facet of a person’s life. It can impact your self-image, physical health, and mental wellbeing. Additionally, when dependence forms, it is nearly impossible to stop using on your own. That’s when turning to a women’s rehab may be the best decision available. At Fresh Start Recovery Center, you…

a doctor offers drug addiction help

Finding Help During National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week

One of the most difficult things people face when looking for addiction help is trying to get past all the misconceptions that persist about substance abuse. National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week is a time when people get the opportunity to look beyond the myths and get the real facts about drug addiction. It’s a…