individual creating a relapse prevention plan

3 Ways to Create a Relapse Prevention Plan

When people are recovering from an addiction, they face many hurdles. Of these hurdles, the temptation to relapse is the hardest to fight off. Temptation can push you to use your drug choice no matter how long you’ve been sober. To help mitigate these temptations, we encourage people to devise a relapse prevention plan. Having…

woman exercising after learning the difference levels of addiction treatment programs

Understanding the Different Levels of Addiction Treatment

Many people often do not know where to begin when seeking addiction treatment because there are different levels of addiction programs. These levels vary based on the different types of services provided. The initial levels of addiction treatment are very intensive. This is often because the patient may be experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Addiction is a…

friends discussing the purpose of an alumni program and aftercare

The Purpose of an Alumni Program

Recovering from a substance use disorder is a lengthy process. Recovery begins the moment a person admits that they have an addiction problem, and they need help. The help is normally in the form of treatment in an addiction treatment facility. But this is not the only process involved for a complete recovery. After the…

woman taking a walk for Recovery Month

What Is the Purpose of National Recovery Month?

The purpose of National Recovery Month is to create more awareness about addiction recovery and to celebrate those in recovery from mental health issues and substance use disorders. During the month of September, addiction treatment centers in Maryland often schedule events as a way of garnering public support for addiction treatment and recovery. The event…

woman wondering the difference between CBT and DBT

The Differences Between CBT and DBT for Treatment

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) are classified as psychotherapy, a form of talk therapy that treatment specialists use to help clients with behavioral problems and mental health issues. Addiction treatment centers utilize both forms of therapy as a part of a more comprehensive treatment program. Although there are some similarities between CBT…

women discussing gender specific treatment

6 Benefits of Gender-Specific Treatment for Addiction

Substance abuse disorders affect men and women differently. Recognizing the need for gender-specific treatment, addiction treatment centers in Maryland offer men’s programs and women’s programs that are tailored to the emotional and medical needs of each gender. A gender-specific treatment program removes the distraction that can arise by being around the opposite sex. It also…

woman on couch struggling with an addiction relapse

5 Common Triggers of Addiction Relapse

One of the first things you learn about in rehab is triggers that may have started and fueled your addiction. Triggers can range from emotions, and mental health conditions, to being around certain people or places. A situation may arise that leads to an addiction relapse. Before you know it, you are drinking or taking…

individual with wine bottle showing signs of alcohol abuse

3 Ways Social Media Influences Alcohol Abuse

Numerous studies conducted over the last ten years have found that teenagers who regularly log in to their social media accounts are more likely to suffer from alcohol abuse than teenagers who did not use social media. Teenagers who access social media daily are more likely to buy cigarettes, drink alcohol, and use marijuana. Social…