The Freedom to Begin Again

EMDR therapy, or eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, is a type of therapy used by professionals to treat trauma and the response you have to stressful situations. At Fresh Start Recovery Center in Maryland, we work with clients by using EMDR therapy and other addiction treatment therapies to improve success when trying to overcome an addiction to substances.

Understanding an EMDR Therapy Program

man participating in emdr therapyEMDR is a type of therapy done by a trained therapist where they use clicks or taps to teach your brain how to respond differently to stress. The therapy doesn’t hurt and can provide a strong boost to your healing process.

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, or EMDR, is a form of therapy that was first used to help people with post-traumatic stress disorder. As therapists began working with clients, it became clear that EMDR was successful at treating those with trauma and addiction as well. It doesn’t hurt to get EMDR, and you can begin to feel better after your first or second session. While you are in an EMDR therapy program, you might experience:

  • A reduction in your stress levels and how you respond to tough situations
  • Talking to a therapist about your past, including specific events that were traumatic
  • Guided talk therapy to experience the trauma in small increments
  • Tough discussions as you bring up incidents that were hard for you to deal with

Your EMDR therapist can use their hands to tap on your body or a clicking sound such as snapping. The goal is to desensitize your memories of the trauma in order for you to move forward from it. During a session, you might start to feel stressed. A trained therapist will monitor your reactions and won’t push too hard. You can expect to attend EMDR treatments for about eight sessions. Once your therapy is complete, you should feel less overall stress from the trauma you experienced.

Your Recovery and Trauma Response

Your trauma has a direct impact on your addiction and your ability to recover. If you don’t deal with your history, your coping skills will not improve. Your stress levels and your coping strategies are going to improve when you work in an EMDR therapy program. Many people struggle with an addiction to drugs or alcohol as a way to cope with a history of trauma. When you uncover what your addiction triggers are, it becomes possible to truly heal from your addiction. When you attend therapy, you may learn:

  • How connected trauma is to your addiction and recovery
  • Your level of commitment will determine your ability to remain sober.
  • You can overcome your traumatic history and learn better coping skills.
  • You have strengths that you didn’t know existed.

Your addiction does not have to control your life. As you go through an EMDR therapy program, you will start to heal from your traumatic past. Recovery is a step by step process. Once you commit to your recovery, nothing can stand in your way. A therapist will guide you through the process of uncovering your trauma and improving your response to stressful situations. Once you make the decision to call for the help you need, you will find your path to recovery.

Find an EMDR Therapy Program Today

You do not have to fight a battle against drugs or alcohol by yourself. At Fresh Start Recovery Center in Maryland, we are ready to help you stop abusing substances and move on with your life. If you are ready to make positive changes, contact us at 833.625.0398. Get started on your path to recovery with EMDR treatment, group therapy, and the support you need to recover. You can heal from an addiction, but you have to make the decision to reach out for help.